What’s with the hotpants anyway?

by Alison Mathes

Much like gymnasts adhere to a uniform of sorts for their sport, pole dancers also have a standard garment for their activity.  The short shorts that we wear are not simply for show.  The shorts have the practical value of allowing our skin to make contact with the pole so that we can grip it.

Grip is everything in pole!  Clothing slips, but skin grips.  Much in the same way that a gymnast could not demonstrate her skills on the uneven bars with leggings on, pole dancers need to grip the pole with the legs in order to sit, climb, anchor, and transition into and out of moves.  It is for a dancer’s safety that he has his points of contact (p.o.c) exposed.

As with any sport, a pole dancer needs to be ready for emergency action.  Tricks and combination moves don’t always go as planned and action to”bail out” is sometimes taken.  These are the times when a poler will be grateful that they have their exposed skin to rely on.  Exposed points of contact can prevent a serious fall from the pole.

A new pole dancer does not need to come to pole class in tiny shorts and a sports bra straight away.  At the Intro level, a t-shirt and capri pants or longer shorts are sufficient.  Although as skill, strength, and confidence increases, a dancer usually wants to start climbing and sitting on the pole.  Taking flight becomes the goal!  The pole shorts make this a possibility.  In short time a dancer will start noticing how toned and muscular her legs are looking.  Insecurity about the length of the shorts quickly turns into confidence about how strong you have become.  This is the magic of pole dancing and its hotpants.

Two of my favorite retailers for pole shorts:

Mika  and PoleFit by Bad Kitty


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