HeadshotAlison Mathes, Owner and Pole Instructor

She says…

I love to dance. Dance is my life’s joy!

I have been pursuing dance and fitness for about 30 years. I am trained in ballet, contemporary, jazz, and tap from age 6. I danced competitively for many years and learned from some of the best instructors in the country including Mia Michaels. My dance journey has lead me to the art of pole as a way to keep my passion for dance and fitness continuing as an adult.  I am certified by the American Council on Exercise as a Group Fitness Instructor.  I have been trained by ElevatED as a pole instructor.  I am CPR/AED certified by the American Heart Association.  I live in Essex with my son, husband, and our dog.

Pole makes me feel beautiful, strong, and fearless! It has empowered countless women and men worldwide to develop a new confidence in their bodies. I want to share that power with you as I bring instruction in pole dance fitness to Vermont.  Join me!


Photography by Reid Crosby

What is a Bohemienne?  In my previous career, I worked in opera as a costumer.  When I was searching for a name for my pole business, I wondered what famous characters of opera might have been pole dancers.  If they had been alive, which of them might have found their way to the pole?  Carmen.  Carmen, the most famous of Bizet’s operas, revealed a note of realism into opera that proved unacceptable to the first audiences. Many were shocked by the wild and unladylike behavior of Carmen, and her eventual murder on the stage.  She is a strong female character who was described in the original libretto as Bohemienne, a gypsy.  Pole dance is not for the faint of heart.  It takes strength, dedication, and a bit of free-spirited soul.