Class Descriptions

img_1483All are welcome. Dancers under age 18 require a parent/guardian signature. Classes fill quickly so be sure to make your reservation online!

Intro to Pole – 60 minutes

*3-5 Intro classes are required at this level!*

If you are new to the art of pole, start here!  Learn the basics of pole dance technique, safety, and strength.  This class will challenge you with a total body workout and prepare you for joining Pole 1 classes.  We recommend you attend Intro to Pole 3-5 times before attempting Pole 1. *Please wear athletic capri pants or shorts so that the back of your knees can be exposed for class.

Pole 1 – 75 minutes

Spin, climb, and build your strength in Pole 1!  We take our Intro skills to the next level in this class.  You will get an incredible work-out and learn new dance and strengthening techniques that will prepare you for inversions. *Please wear tight fitting athletic shorts that expose your mid thigh for this class.

Pole 2 – 75 minutes

*Must  have Instructor approval and have fluency with Pole 1 spins, climbing, pirouettes, and inversion preps.*

Ready to get inverted?  Take your practice into the air in Pole 2!  We work on more advanced spins, climbs, holds, and floorwork in this class. *Please wear athletic shorts and a sports bra.

Strong and Flexy – 60 minutes

Come to Strong and Flexy to focus on your strength.  We will use the poles, floor, and walls for strength drills, learning about proper alignment, and working towards those bendy splits and backbends.  Recommended for all levels!

Spinning Pole 1– 60 minutes

*For strong, experienced Pole 1 students.*

Take your foundation moves onto the spinning pole!  We learn to understand the physics of the spinning pole and how to control our bodies and speed as the pole spins us through space.

Pole Artist Workshop  – 90 minutes

Learn choreography and explore the pole as an apparatus for dance movement.  We will study the finer points of dance technique and learn to express our creativity as dancing artists.  The class incorporates dance improvisation exercises, floorwork flow, and exploration of musicality and fluidity. This workshop is appropriate for those with some Pole 1 experience.   *Please dress in layers with leggings, socks, and sleeves as we will be rolling on the floor.*

Open Pole Practice 

Practice makes progress!  Bohemienne Fitness will open the studio for students to practice skills that have been presented in class.  This is NOT an instructor led class.  You will NOT learn anything new. The studio is open for pole practice, stretching, and dancing.  The studio is supervised by the instructor.  No reservation required. $10 at the door.  Maximum 10 students allowed.

Private Lessons – 60 minutes

Would you rather work one on one?  Get a personal pole session to really increase your skills.  Ask the instructor about scheduling a private lesson. 1 student for $65, 2 students for $80, 3 students for $90, 4 students for $100.  Please make one payment per group.

Pole Dance Party

Dancing a great way to bring people together and have fun!  Bohemienne Fitness can lead up to 10 dancers through an Intro to Pole class with some time after to practice and get pictures and videos with friends.  Contact us for more information at