Studio Policies

There are 6 dance poles in our beautiful studio.  They are 45mm, stainless steel poles that have a static and spinning mode.  Our studio allows two students per pole.  Please adhere to our policies below.

  • Positive vibes only – Please check negativity, ego, and pettiness at the door.
  • Teaching other students in class is not allowed.  For the safety of the class, please leave the teaching, coaching, and spotting to the instructor.
  • Proper athletic clothing and undergarments are required: You may not participate in lingerie and your intimate body parts must be covered at all times.
  • No rings on fingers, or jewelry on the poles:  These items cause damage to the poles and can cause injury.
  • Do not wear lotions or body oils the day of class: These products create grip problems for you and others who use the poles.
  • No food, non-water beverages, or gum chewing allowed in class:  The classroom is a food free environment.  The instructor may chew gum.
  • No cell phones in class: Minimize disruption and distraction in the classroom.
  • No outside shoes in the studio: Keep outside dirt off the studio floor.
  • No sexual harassment: Treat male and female students with equal respect.
  • No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances in the studio.
  • Filming: You may discreetly use your camera phone to film yourself or your friend during class if the instructor allows.  Please make an effort not to film anyone else in the class.  Not everyone wants to be filmed or photographed.
  • No late students: Students may not be more than 5 minutes late.  Students should arrive 15 minutes in advance of the class to check in, fill out forms, get dressed, and get familiar with the studio space.  Late students disrupt and distract the class.  Please be punctual so that you can warm-up properly for class.
  • 12 hour cancellation policy: Use your Punchpass account to cancel class no less than 12 hours in advance.  Your class punch will be taken if you fail to cancel.

Thank you!